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Tree trimming is when you remove deadwood, dead or rubbing branches in order to improve the aesthetics and the structure of the tree for years to come. While a good trimming can leave your tree looking better than before, a poorly done trimming can just end up damaging the tree. Prime Tree Service offers the best Tree Trimming Service in Columbus without a glitch.

About Tree Pruning

If you are considering tree pruning, it is very important to know the different types of trimming and the space of time between each trimming. Basically, the timing for trimming your trees will largely depend on the tree type, its condition, etc.

Full trimming

Full trimming is the removal of dead, dying, rubbing and diseased branches from the crown. By removing the dead limbs and some parts of the tree crown, there will be increased air circulation which leads to better tree health. We don’t just do random tree cutting. The main goal of our tree pruning service is to make your tree look good and have better health.

Deadwood Pruning

Deadwood pruning is also referred to as crown cleaning, and it involves pruning to get rid of dead and decaying branches. This helps to improve the aesthetic of the tree since the dead and decayed branches could spread disease or damage the property.

Heavy Thinning

When a tree grows too old or too large, it becomes susceptible to numerous problems and may need to be removed. However, you can opt to do a crown reduction pruning which involves cutting back the tips. This opens the tree foliage and allows it to create a lower crown.

Formal Pruning

Formal pruning helps to maintain the shape of trees planted for flowers or fruits. It is also an effective method of maintaining trees that are grown in small spaces.

Crown Restoration

Topping is the indiscriminate shaping of a tree, and it makes the tree more vulnerable to disease. If a tree has undergone topping, then it requires crown restoration. It involves pruning back the leaves that are fighting for light. After years of pruning, the tree will be restored to its healthy condition.

Crown Lifting

In this method, the tree trimming service removes the lowest limbs in order to prompt an upward growth of the tree.

Frequency of Tree Trimming in Columbus, GA

The frequency of tree pruning is mainly dependent on the condition and type of tree. Here is the frequency of trimming for some trees:

Ornamental Trees

The frequency of trimming ornamental trees depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the owner. For instance, you may choose to trim them once a year or twice a year depending on the look you want to achieve.

Evergreen Trees

Most evergreens like cedars are trimmed every 3-5 years. Some, however, may need to be trimmed more frequency especially if they are close to structures. Pine trees and large fir trees can be trimmed every 5-7 years.

Deciduous Trees

Trimming of deciduous trees needs to take place every 3-5 years. And just like the evergreen trees, there may be more frequent follow-ups if the trees are near or over structures.

Tree Trimming Service

Prime Tree Service provides the best Tree Trimming Service that exceeds your expectations. Our ISA certified arborists have many years of experience, and they perform the trimming according to the industry standards. Once they identify your tree’s needs, they will come up with a set of specifications to meet your needs.

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