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Trees add to the aesthetic beauty of the exterior and landscape of our home. However, some trees are just too dangerous or unsightly and need to be removed. The decision to remove a tree from your property can be a tough one and is usually not entirely yours -- nature has a way of forcing our hand. In Savannah, Georgia, you might need to acquire a tree removal permit, especially if it is a big tree that has been around for years.

Call a Professional Arborist

Although it is tempting to try and remove an undesired tree alone, the risk is worth holding back and calling professionals to avoid accidents. We offer various tree services including tree and stump removal in Savannah. Our goal is to help you safely remove any tree that you do not want in your property without causing any damage to your home or investments. We will also help you chop down the tree and remove debris to leave your yard clean.

Safe Tree Removal

For Savannah Tree Removal, we invest in high-quality equipment and recent technologies to ensure our arborists are always ahead of the competition. Whether you need assistance for your home or business, we can remove trees of any size -- expertly minimizing risk ensuring your investments and loved ones stay safe in the process.

All chopped trees and pieces are kept under control during the removal process and we will ensure surrounding property is protected from any damages. We have both the capacity and experience to handle all kinds tree removal Savannah residents assign us. Our arborists are well trained in the best practices and will take the shortest time possible to remove the tree and its stump from your property. They also have ISA certification and follow the ANSI safety standards.

Do I Need Tree Removal Services?

Although there are many tree removal Savannah companies that do great work, we pride ourselves on ourselves on our expert team and friendly staff. It is recommendable to work with reliable professionals who can guarantee top quality results. We do not shy away from any tree removal project within the areas we serve. Our team can help you remove dangerous trees from your yard without interfering with the pavements and structures around it. But how do you know if tree removal is the right decision for your case?

Here at Pro Tree Service of Savannah, we offer professional insights to help you make the best decision. You always have several options depending on your circumstances. Sometimes all you need to do is prune the tree and remove the branches that block your driveway or creep onto your roof. If the tree is drying up, infested or sick, you can still water, fertilize and treat it. However, sometimes the tree poses a danger to your safety in which case it needs to be cut down and removed from the surrounding. Regardless of the situation, we will help you make the best decision.

Once you decide that tree removal is the right thing to do, it is important to speak to the local authorities involved for a permit. Acquiring tree removal Savannah permit should not be an overwhelming process as it only involves making your intent known to the involved departments. You can contact us today for any inquiries about tree and stump removal in Savannah including how you can hire our services.

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